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Low Back Pain: Guiding the Path

  • Board Restrictions note: Co-sponsored courses may not be eligible for CE in Tennessee; Credit calculations may vary for New Mexico approval
  • Seven self-guided modules plus an e-book will dive into what current best evidence says about the diagnosis, management, and treatment of patients suffering from low back pain.

    InstructorB. Michael Ray, MS, DC
    About the InstructorDr. Ray is a chiropractor based out of Harrisonburg, VA. He owns and operate Shenandoah Valley Performance Clinic and specializes in the rehabilitation of neuromusculoskeletal issues, associated pain, and dysfunction. He enjoys helping athletes from various backgrounds return to their desired level of activity. His primary goals for working with clients are to educate them about their situation and collaboratively design a game-plan to move them from where they are at to where they want to be.
    Subject BreakdownSeven self-guided modules plus an e-book will dive into what current best evidence says about the diagnosis, management, and treatment of patients suffering from low back pain. Module 1 - Defining Low Back Pain Module 2 - Applying the BPS Framework Module 3 - Base Rates of Lumbar Image Findings Module 4 - Evidence Based Education for Low Back Pain Module 5 - Clinician’s Guide to Psychologically Informed Management of Low Back Pain Module 6 - Self-Efficacy Module 7 - Physical Activity Recommendations The course is self-paced so length to completion will vary. However, we estimate the course takes approximately 5 hours to complete.
    Total Credits5.00
    FormatDistance - On-demand
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    Online Chiropractic Continuing Education is the Pathway to the Future

    Online chiropractic continuing education (CE) was already a popular channel for staying current with required credits before the pandemic. With the global forcing stay-at-home orders, life online has surged dramatically. online chiropractic CE courses gained further popularity and exposure, and it just made sense.

    Chiropractic continuing education seminars, which were traditionally held at physical locations to include networking and recreational activities, are now also held online. There are certain perks to online chiropractic continuing education programs, including the safety and comfort of classes taken at home or in the office, and reduction of travel expenses.

    Maintaining Continuing Education Credit Requirements

    The Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards (FCLB) has been working to ensure that all chiropractors would have access to online chiropractic continuing education programs. To address the current challenges, the FCLB encouraged member state boards to utilize the Providers of Approved Continuing Education (PACE) program to promote more online continuing education credit completion, versus in-person classes and seminars. Each state board dictates the level of distance learning they will allow, with some requiring a greater number of in-person education hours. In an effort to accommodate practitioner safety during COVID-19, several states who previously did not accept many hours of online chiropractic continuing education moved to allow emergency acceptance of online relicensure CE.. PACE Recognized Providers were also quick to provide chiropractic continuing education courses that were specific to COVID-19.

    Online Chiropractic CE Courses: Flexibility and Convenience

    With online chiropractic continuing education courses, attendees can participate in the comfort of their own home or office, which at this time is a safer learning environment. The primary benefits of online chiropractic continuing education programs are quality and convenience. PACE continuing education courses are cataloged and audited by regulatory review experts for their relevance and accuracy.

    PACE catalogs chiropractic continuing education courses by date, topic, geographic region, and specific instructor. Overall, online chiropractic continuing education courses provide the chiropractic profession with improved continuing education credit offerings, presentation of current topics, increased quality assurance, and credibility.

    In Conclusion

    Online chiropractic continuing education courses and seminars are becoming the leading choice for ongoing education. Online programs offer flexible scheduling, lower costs, more comfortable learning environments, and increased knowledge.