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ABCs of PI

  • Board Restrictions note: Co-sponsored courses may not be eligible for CE in Tennessee; Credit calculations may vary for New Mexico approval
  • The ABCs of PI

    Every chiropractor will eventually have to deal with a patient who has been injured in a motor vehicle collision. Even for those who chose not to have a personal injury practice it is important to have a better understanding of the basic requirements for a PI case.

    This 8 hour class will review the basic steps to be followed for PI cases. We will cover:

    • what needs to be documented prior to a motor vehicle injury
    • documentation in terms of validating the diagnoses and justifying continued care
    • information attorneys need to present a demand letter
    • the tools to document in a way that any other doctor will be able to know the case as well as the treating doctor
    • where and when to test and to refer a PI patient


    Course Purpose and Objective

    Purpose: To present the basics for any chiropractor working with a personal injury case

    Objective: Teach providers the tools and processes to properly document motor vehicle injuries, to communicate with other providers, meet the need of attorneys and insurance companies.


    • Understanding the importance of proper history and exam in diagnosing all the injuries in a motor vehicle collision
    • what the insurance company expects in the way of documentation
    • What attorneys need in order to create an effective demand letter
    • Knowing what to include in SOAP notes can make or break a case
    • The importance of documenting a complete physical examination including what was found and what was not found.
    • Forms, codes and information needed to provide the attorney with a useful report.


    It will be offered at multiple sites so check back often for updates.

    InstructorBill Gallagher, DC
    About the InstructorAs founder of the American Academy of Motor Vehicle Injuries, Dr. Gallagher offers between 3-400 hours of personal injury seminars a year. He is a contributing editor for Attorney At Law Magazine and publishes the Personal Injury Quarterly.
    Subject BreakdownHour 1 Exam Procedures / Diagnosis Introduction: why a PI case is different than other patient care • Mechanism of Injury • Injury care • Concussions • Documentation needs • Medical legal issues Hour 2 Exam Procedures / Diagnosis Failure to diagnose • The problem with sprain strain diagnoses • What gets missed • Multiple injuries Hour 3 Exam Procedures / Diagnosis Physical Examination • What every doctor does wrong • Knowing what to look for • Cranial Nerve Exam Hour 4 Documentation Outcomes Assessment Tools • Visual Analog Scale • Pain Disability Questionnaire • Multiple questionnaires Hour 5 Exam Procedures / Diagnosis Treatment Plan/Case Management • Croft Guidelines • When to refer • Radiology • Impairment Rating Hour 6 Exam Procedures / Diagnosis Diagnosing Concussion/TBI • Mechanism of injury • Symptoms • Cranial Nerves Hour 7 Medical/Legal Medical Legal Issues • Anatomy of a lawsuit • Addressing subpoenas • Testifying Hour 8 Case Management The essentials • Documentation • Medical validation • Future care • Impairment rating
    Total Credits8.00
    FormatIn person - Live
    Course OutlineABC 8 hour outline.pdf

    American Academy of Motor Vehicle InjuriesAmerican Academy of Motor Vehicle Injuries

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