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2020 ICAK-USA Virtual Homecoming

  • Board Restrictions note: Co-sponsored courses may not be eligible for CE in Tennessee; Credit calculations may vary for New Mexico approval
  • Event date: 7/30/2020 - 8/2/2020 Export event

    2020 ICAK-USA Virtual Homecoming

    Please join us for the 2020 ICAK-USA Virtual Homecoming i!  Our program includes presentations by some of the best AK physicians, practical advancements you can immediately use in your office, supplier support and you can earn continuing education credit. 

    InstructorMultiple Presenters
    About the InstructorSee Speaker Lineup attachment for additional presenter information.
    Subject BreakdownGolgi Tendon Organ, Reciprocal Inhibition, and Gait Testing: Neurological Applications in Applied Kinesiology Provocative Muscle Testing with an Emphasis on Oxalic Acid and its Health Implications The Relationship of Pelvic Instability to Common Musculoskeletal Syndromes Introduction to Genetics and Methylation Cycle Assessment and Treatment with Functional Muscle Testing Optimizing Neurotransmitter Function & The Cranial Fault Connection Topography of the Ileocecal Valve – Questing for Causation Translingual Neurostimulation (TLNS) and new Neurorehabilitation Technology - move to Anxiety or Depression. A New Look at Mental Health Issues from an Applied Kinesiology Prospective Visceral Referred Pain Areas In Diagnosis and Treatment Electrolytes, and Common Pitfalls to Impaired Stamina in Athletes Challenging the Nervous System with Light Examination and Treatment for TMJ Imbalances FLEECED: How Wearable Plastics Can Act as Endocrine Disruptors Secondary Gait Reflexes of the Hand and Intrinsic Muscles of the Pelvis Dietary Dysbiosis Drivers: Diagnosis and Treatment MyoSynaptics: How to Assess and Treat the Neck Advances in Nutragenomics If You Shake It – You Break It! The Applied Kinesiology Advantage to Diagnose and Treat Concussions Evaluating Vestibulospinal Integrity via Three Galant Reflex Responses Using Manual Muscle Testing as Functional Neurology (fMMT)
    Total Credits25.50
    FormatDistance - Live
    Course Outline2020 ICAK-USA Virtual Homecoming - AGENDA.pdf
    Co-sponsor or PartnerParker University Post Grad Department

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    International College of Applied Kinesiology

    International College of Applied KinesiologyInternational College of Applied Kinesiology

    The primary goal of the ICAK-USA is to provide leadership in applied kinesiology through individual professional development and to advance education in health care. Membership offers recognition and referral, professional identity, and an opportunity for personal development.

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