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  • Board Restrictions note: Co-sponsored courses may not be eligible for CE in Tennessee; Credit calculations may vary for New Mexico approval
  • Event date: 9/30/2020 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Export event

    Emotional Freedom Technique is a technique based on the body’s energy and meridians (energy channels). Sometimes called “Tapping” or “Meridian Tapping”, it is a psychological acupressure technique that helps link the positive flow of energy through the body with positive thoughts and positive behavior. When there is a disruption in the flow of energy, it can result in negative emotions, including pain.  Tapping on specific meridian points, combined with positive, affirming statements, can clear negative blockages in the body’s energy. Tapping works with the subconscious mind to restore health and positive energy. EFT can be used to help relieve chronic pain, emotional problems, addictions, phobias and other conditions.  EFT uses the traditional Chinese medicine concepts of acupuncture and acupressure as well as hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming.  This modality can be used alone or in conjunction with other health or dental treatments.

    InstructorKathleen M. Lindert, Advanced Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor (A.Cht., CI.)
    About the InstructorKathleen M. Lindert, Advanced Certified Hypnotherapist and Certified Instructor (A.Cht., CI.), is President and Owner of The Mental Edge LLC. She is also a blogger, speaker and author of the How to Fix Yourself for Good book series and Quit Smoking without Gaining Weight.
    Subject BreakdownHow and why Emotional Freedom Technique developed The tapping areas and how tapping relaxes the body and mind Explanation of how tapping points, also known as meridians, work and how they fit into traditional Chinese Acupressure and Acupuncture beliefs. How to perform tapping and the language used for the subconscious mind. Hands-on practice for all students Each student performs tapping on self Instructor will demonstrate for and on each student so can experience feeling Explain how to help clients with technique Further discuss language used in tapping How tapping works as self-hypnosis, in conjunction with subconscious mind, as a relaxation tool and an agent of behavioral change (including pain perception)
    Total Credits3.00
    FormatIn person - Live
    Institute for Continuing Education

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