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Bulletproof Documentation

  • Board Restrictions note: Co-sponsored courses may not be eligible for CE in Tennessee; Credit calculations may vary for New Mexico approval
  • Event date: 9/17/2020 10:00 AM - 2:30 PM Export event

    Event Location: American Specialty Health

    Course Description: 

    This 4 hour course will break down the need for exceptional documentation, which is for more than insurance reimbursement, and illustrate how this can be accomplished in very little time.  By documenting properly, health care professionals can show the world who we are and what we do, and how effective musculoskeletal treatment is.  Dr. Gregg Friedman (32 years in practice, teaching documentation for 2 decades, record reviews/IMEs) will discuss how to use various guidelines and regulations to support health care professionals.


    Course Objectives: 

    Hour 1 
    1. Illustrate four effects of good documentation.

    2. Illustrate the problems with documentation.

    3. Define the Problem Oriented Medical Record (POMR).

    4. Demonstrate taking a complete patient history.

    5. Ethics  

    Hour 2
    1. Define the Evaluation and Management Examination for the musculoskeletal system.

    2. Define the concept of outcome assessments in clinical practice.

    3. Describe the P.A.R.T. format of documentation.

    4. Develop a strategy to determine if treatment is justified.

    5. Patient Records  

    Hour 3 
    1. Determining the Need for Care with Outcome Assessments

    2. Demonstrate the POMR and P.A.R.T. formats for the initial patient encounter.

    3. Integrate the POMR and P.A.R.T. formats for subsequent patient encounters.

    4. Define proper Assessments.

    5. Illustrate the two types of Plan. 

    6. Advertising 

    Hour 4 
    1. Documenting Assessment

    2. Documenting Complicating Factors

    3. Documenting Treatment Plan and Goals

    4. Risk Management/Sexual Boundaries   

    InstructorGregg Friedman, DC
    About the InstructorPlease see attached CV
    Subject BreakdownDocumentation - 4.0
    Total Credits4.00
    FormatIn person - Live
    Course OutlineASH 2020 Application_September Course.pdf
    Co-sponsor or PartnerN/A
    National University of Health Sciences

    National University of Health SciencesNational University of Health Sciences

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