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Dr. PGA Golf Seminar: Golf Peak Performance & Injury Prevention for Chiropractors - 12hrs- Las Vegas

  • Board Restrictions note: Co-sponsored courses may not be eligible for CE in Tennessee; Credit calculations may vary for New Mexico approval
  • Event date: 10/17/2020 8:00 AM - 10/18/2020 2:00 PM Export event

    Event Location: Dr PGA Studio

    Dr. PGA Golf Seminar: Golf Peak Performance & Injury Prevention for Chiropractors 

    Golf Peak Performance & Injury Prevention for Chiropractors

    12-hrs of approved Chiropractic Continuing Education


    Golf Injuries Research, Golf Workout, Golf Posture, Foot Biomechanics, Golf Nutrition, Golf Rehab, Injury-Prevention Grip & Swing Tips, Golfer's Warm-Up, Common Swing Faults, Golf Examination


    The Dr. PGA golf injuries seminar is the most comprehensive Golf Doctor Education available for Chiropractors. Learning how to treat golfers is mandatory in today's practice.  The Dr.PGA Seminar is designed for doctors who don't know about golf and help them to bridge the gap between golf and golf injuries.  This is a 12-hour CE course that puts doctors on an amazing golf journey of education.  Attendees will learn and understand the biomechanics of the swing.  In addition, It lays the groundwork for recommending injury prevention techniques to their patients about golf posture, nutrition, warm up, swing faults, peak performance, exercises and much more.  The seminar consists of a combination of dynamic lectures, live demonstrations and interactive drills.


    The DrPGA seminar specializing in equipping chiropractors with golf knowledge to position themselves as the “golf doctor” in their practices and communities. Treating golf injuries and helping golfers achieve peak performance.

    2020 SEMINARS

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    Nov 14/15--Las Vegas
    Nov 26/27--Seattle
    Dec 12/13--Las Vegas
    Dec 26/27--Las Vegas



    InstructorDr. Raj Jackson, DC, PGA, USPTA
    About the InstructorDr. Raj Jackson, DC, PGA is a Doctor of Chiropractic and PGA golf professional from Las Vegas, Nevada. He graduated  from West Virginia University with a Biology degree and earned a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University in Georgia.
He is one of the most qualified golf chiropractors in the world. He has been teaching golf chiropractic continuing education in the US since 2014 and has been teaching golf on the PGA Tour since 2015. Raj is a board-certified chiropractor that maintains an active chiropractic license in good standing in both California and Nevada. Since 2014, he has been a Chiropractic Continuing Education provider in the United States on golf biomechanics and injury prevention. He offers a 12hr Chiropractic Continuing Education courses about golf injury prevention and peak performance for doctors called the “Dr. PGA” golf seminars.

Dr. Jackson is combining golf & chiropractic to produce an unparalleled perspective to help educate doctors on golf injuries & peak performance. He is the creator of the Dr PGA Golf Doctor certification seminars for chiropractors and bringing together the best knowledge in health, golf & fitness for the benefit of chiropractic continuing education.

He spent the first half of his career as a chiropractor and the second half as a PGA Golf Professional. Currently, Raj teaches golf on the PGA Tour since 2015-2020.  He at taught on the PGA Tour at major events such as the PGA Championships, Genesis Open, Northern Trust, The National, Houston Open, Charles Schwab Challenge, Waste Management Phoenix Open, LA Northern Trust Open, Valspar Championships, Arnold Palmer Bay Hill Invitational, AT&T Byron Nelson. Tiger Woods Foundation Quicken Loans and FedEx Cup at the Coca-Cola Tour Championship.

Previously, he has served as the PGA Teaching Professional at Riverview Country Club, Loch Haven Golf Club, Richmond Pines Country Club, Woodbridge Golf Links and four major cruises lines such as Carnival Cruises, Holland America Cruises, Celebrity Cruises and P&O Cruises.
    Subject BreakdownGOLF POSTURE -1hr 
Discuss why posture is important for golfers 
Describe the spinal angles used in the golf swing 
Learn a spinal setup routine for perfect posture  

Learn about common golf hand injuries 
Describe common hand injury causes
Learn the correct grip technique   

Learn the performance benefits in golf from warming up 
Identify common stretching myths and incorrect stretching methods 
Review an stretching routine that can be used on-course & off-course   

Describe energy requirement used in playing golf 
Understanding pre-game meals and on-course meals 
Describe Food Plan for Competition 

Discuss how the golfers feet interact with the ground
Describe ground vertical forces, pressure shift, weight shift 
Learn common foot traces   

Describe how a swing fault can increase your risk of injury
Learn the most common swing faults in golf 
Discuss how to identify each swing flaw 

Identify common types of injuries sustained while golfing 
Discuss key Golf Injury Statistics 
Learn on-course golf injury prevention techniques    

GOLF EXAM- 2hrs. 
Overview of the Assessment Exam for Golfers 
Describe exam tests that identify the problems 
Link test results with specific swing fault   

GOLF REHAB  – 2hrs 
Describe each type corrective exercises 
Describe Frequency of exercises & patient protocols 
Custom generated workout program 

Identify the key golf muscles 
Learn the benefits from using a golf condition program 
Describe the difference between pre-season and in-season workouts
Learn golf specific workout
    Total Credits12.00
    FormatIn person - Live
    Co-sponsor or PartnerNONE
    • PACE Provider: Dr. PGA
    • Course ID: 8069
    Dr. PGA

    Dr. PGADr. PGA

    Raj Jackson is a Chiropractor and PGA Golf Professional. He has developed a golf doctor seminar to help doctors treat and prevent golf injuries.

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    Online Chiropractic Continuing Education is the Pathway to the Future

    Online chiropractic continuing education (CE) was already a popular channel for staying current with required credits before the pandemic. With the global forcing stay-at-home orders, life online has surged dramatically. online chiropractic CE courses gained further popularity and exposure, and it just made sense.

    Chiropractic continuing education seminars, which were traditionally held at physical locations to include networking and recreational activities, are now also held online. There are certain perks to online chiropractic continuing education programs, including the safety and comfort of classes taken at home or in the office, and reduction of travel expenses.

    Maintaining Continuing Education Credit Requirements

    The Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards (FCLB) has been working to ensure that all chiropractors would have access to online chiropractic continuing education programs. To address the current challenges, the FCLB encouraged member state boards to utilize the Providers of Approved Continuing Education (PACE) program to promote more online continuing education credit completion, versus in-person classes and seminars. Each state board dictates the level of distance learning they will allow, with some requiring a greater number of in-person education hours. In an effort to accommodate practitioner safety during COVID-19, several states who previously did not accept many hours of online chiropractic continuing education moved to allow emergency acceptance of online relicensure CE.. PACE Recognized Providers were also quick to provide chiropractic continuing education courses that were specific to COVID-19.

    Online Chiropractic CE Courses: Flexibility and Convenience

    With online chiropractic continuing education courses, attendees can participate in the comfort of their own home or office, which at this time is a safer learning environment. The primary benefits of online chiropractic continuing education programs are quality and convenience. PACE continuing education courses are cataloged and audited by regulatory review experts for their relevance and accuracy.

    PACE catalogs chiropractic continuing education courses by date, topic, geographic region, and specific instructor. Overall, online chiropractic continuing education courses provide the chiropractic profession with improved continuing education credit offerings, presentation of current topics, increased quality assurance, and credibility.

    In Conclusion

    Online chiropractic continuing education courses and seminars are becoming the leading choice for ongoing education. Online programs offer flexible scheduling, lower costs, more comfortable learning environments, and increased knowledge.