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  • Osteoporosis

    The course on Osteoporosis is divided into six 1-hour classes.  All aspects of the subject are discussed:  risk factors, diagnosis, bone health, diet, supplements, over-the-counter and prescription medications, ethnicity, gender, treatments, follow up.

    The video format includes excellent illustrations that bring the subject to life.  The field of osteoporosis is a natural for the chiropractic profession.

    Instructor Alan Cook DC
    About the InstructorAlan Cook DC graduated cum laude from Western States and has been in practice since 1989. He has been a postgraduate lecturer for Palmer West, Parker, and Life Chiropractic Colleges in addition to speaking at several state conventions. Dr. Cook has written numerous articles for publication on topics ranging from: The Healing Benefits of Laughter to articles on NSAIDs and on Osteoporosis. He spends some of his leisure hours backpacking, playing soccer, and enjoying country living.
    Subject BreakdownHour 1 1.1 prevalence and implications of osteoporosis 1.2 fracture patterns 1.3 dietary protein. Risk factors 1.4 bone density test 1.5 T-scores Hour 2 2.1 case studies, laboratory tests, bariatric surgery 2.2 calcium, vitamin D, calcitonin, parathyroid hormone 2.3 trace minerals, vitamin D 2.4 vitamin D (continued), vitamin D and laboratory, vitamins 2.5 natural compounds study, vitamin D (continued), protein Hour 3 3.1 osteoporosis and prescription drugs 3.2 estrogen 3.3 parathyroid hormone 3.4 corticosteroids 3.5 over the counter drugs Hour 4 4.1 diet 4.2 herbs, soy, food 4.3 soy 4.4 case studies 4.5 vitamin D, tai chi Hour 5 5.1 current medical treatments 5.2 case studies 5.3 diets, vitamin D, and bone health 5.4 laboratory diagnostics 5.5 fall prevention Hour 6 6.1 natural compounds 6.2 natural compounds 6.3 summary 6.4 summary
    Total Credits6.00
    FormatDistance - On-demand
    Course OutlineOsteoporosis syllabus.docx
    Co-sponsor or PartnerEasyWebCE


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