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Level I: IASTM Fundamentals - Cincinnati OH

Event date: 11/2/2019 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM Export event

Closed Course - Limited to the staff of Mercy Health

This 8-hour course covers the basic skills necessary and to safely begin Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) techniques. In this introductory skills acquisition course, participants will receive hands-on instruction in the proper use of IASTM through a lab-focused teaching format. The course will address proper instrument selection to address body contours and reach target tissues.

This course is approved for up to 11 CEUs.

Location: Gundersen Health System - Onalaska WI

Course Time: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm

Subject Breakdown● Introduction - theoretical basis of IASTM, review of current literature o Lecture format to review highlights of the online course material focusing on evidence in current literature and theories behind using IASTM as a treatment technique o Review of indications, precautions, and contraindications ● Basic handling, tool selection, and basic treatment strokes lab o Lab based basic skills component for participants to learn proper tool handling, basic treatment strokes, and proper tool selection based on target tissues using the thigh and knee as a forgiving region for skill acquisition o Included is a free-play open lab to allow participants opportunity to have access to tools for free-form learning and question development ● Lecture/discussion – treatment integration and dosing o Treatment time and frequency o Location of IASTM in the flow of therapy visit ● Myofascia and cutaneous strokes lab o Body regions and specific tools selected to highlight large surface – broad strokes o Desensitizing strokes targeting cutaneous tissue heighted o Surgical incision and superficial scar release strokes highlighted ● Deep muscle strokes lab o Multiple tools and body regions selected to highlight muscle interfaces and planes o Emphasis on tool selection based on body contours, depth of target tissue, and size of target area ● Ligament/ tendon treatment strokes lab o Strokes specific to ligamentous and tendon tissue targeted o Multiple body regions selected for skills acquisition ● Hard tissue/soft tissue interface lab o Body regions and specific tools selected to highlight strokes to facilitate mobility of bone/tendon/muscle/soft tissue interfaces ● Instruction in use of the Multi-tool and skills integration lab o Treatment edges o Tool orientation for treatment effects o Problem solving case study for integration of skills covered in course
Total Credits11.00
FormatIn person - Live
Course OutlineCourse Info_L1.docx


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