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ACA Webinar: Mastering The Disc: Mechanical Assessment of the Spine

  • Board Restrictions note: Co-sponsored courses may not be eligible for CE in Tennessee; Credit calculations may vary for New Mexico approval
  • Event date: 1/23/2020 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM Export event

    Join Dr. Jonathan Michael Lesch, DC for a webinar which will examine the mechanical properties of spinal discs and how they are the predominant cause of pain in back and neck conditions.  Dr. Lesch will discuss how to definitively diagnose the source of back and neck problems through various tests and evidence-based guidelines.  He will then explore research which will help registrants better understand the mechanical functions and characteristics of a disc, including discussing issues like disc bulging, directional preference, obstruction to extension, and more.  Finally, Dr. Lesch will then identify specific treatment plans which can both assist chiropractors in their treatment and education of their patients, and aid in patient self-treatment. 


    Learning Objectives:

    1. Definitively diagnose the source of neck and back pain with repetitive movement testing and sustained positions with the aid of multiple evidence-based baselines and guidelines.

    2. Provide patients with a specific treatment plan that emphasizes patient education and self-treatment.

    3. Recognize that most neck and lower back conditions are discogenic in nature and have the ability to be rapidly reversible through highly effective disc reducing exercises and mobilizations.

    InstructorJonathan Michael Lesch, DC
    Subject Breakdown1. Introduction to the disc model of neck and low back pain 2. Disc reducing exercises for the cervical and lumbar spines 3. Patient education
    Total Credits1.00
    FormatDistance - Live
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