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Food and Inflammation

Food and Inflammation

The purpose of this course is to aid the Chiropractic Profession by providing Chiropractors with instruction necessary to understand how nutrition affects the brain, musculoskeletal system and pain and inflammation and treatments to address these nutritional conditions. This course will review the basic principles of the etiology of overall systemic inflammation caused by nutrition and how this is the basis for the leading diseases that our patients suffer with today. 




InstructorGuy Annunziata
Subject BreakdownThe three ways diet causes increased inflammation Zonulin and its role on leaky gut Foods that increase zonulin production The effects of gluten, GMO, High Fructose Corn Syrup and artificial sweeteners on the physiology of the body. Foods to consume and foods to avoid for a nutritious anti-inflammatory diet.
Total Credits1.00
FormatDistance - On-demand
Course Outline1 Hour Food and Inflammation Syllabus.pdf
  • PACE Provider: DC Hours
  • Course ID: 6925
DC Hours

DC HoursDC Hours

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