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Event date: 6/28/2019 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM Export event

Explore the foundations and history of Qi Gong, the Asian practice of cultivating and balancing qi, best described as “life energy”, and the power of the Mind/Body Connection. Learn how to perform basic exercises, movements and techniques that will instill health management, and how to incorporate this modality. Includes hands‐on practice.  Please dress comfortably.

Course Objective: This program will explore the foundation of Mind and Body Methodologies and how to incorporate these techniques into practice.
Upon completion of this program, the participant will be able to:
Review medical histories with the added objective of seeking opportunities to utilize Mind Body Methodologies
Recognize when health or emotional factors may contraindicate these techniques
Describe the foundations of Qigong and exercises which can enhance care
Perform basic Qigong exercises which will instill health management
Determine how to plan for proper appointment allotment to introduce this modality

InstructorGary McCabe
About the InstructorGary McCabe, B.A. Cultural Anthropology, has been studying cross cultural human development and healing for over 25 years. He studied anthropology, yoga psychology and human development with Dr. A.K.B. Pillai, which included cross cultural field study in India, Europe and America. He has taught for over 15 years, presenting seminars and classes at Fortune 500 companies, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, adult schools and fitness facilities. He also offers private and small group training.
Subject BreakdownIntroduction to the History of Qigong and Mind Body Methodologies How it can be incorporated into treatment planning in the office. Review of Medical History Health Conditions which will benefit from these methods Contraindications Foundations of Qigong A. Movements B. Standing Meditation Practices Yiguan Neigong Mind Body Methods Practical Techniques Taijiquan Power of Mind Body Connection History of Meditation Visualization Research Practice session Students Should Bring: Large towel, blanket or yoga mat.
Total Credits4.00
FormatIn person - Live
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