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Morphogenic Field Technique

Event date: 12/8/2018 8:30 AM - 12/9/2018 12:30 PM Export event

InstructorDr. Frank Springob, DC
Subject Breakdown Standard Process/MediHerb Basic Seminar Nutritional and Herbal Focus A Health Professional Training Seminar with Frank Springob DC 12 Hour Seminar Hour by Hour Outline First Day Hour One (8:30-9:30) • Introduction of speaker and seminar assistants • Epigenetics • Compare genetics with epigenetics • Environmental factors (nutritional, chemical, EMFs etc.) that effect genetic expression • Tesla's concepts of scalar energy and resonance energy • Introduction to Morphogenic Field Technique (MFT), quantum physics concepts regarding the body's energy field integrated with organic whole food nutrition and herbs. • Demonstration : Quantifying the Morphogenic Field (M-field) and the entire MFT procedure. Hour Two (9:30-10:30) • Quantum Biology : Applying quantum physics concepts in a practical way for nutritional/natural healing • The Five Steps of MFT • Brief history of physics including Newtonian, Field Theory, Quantum and Relativity and String Theory. • Correlation between the Chiropractic profession and traditional science in the realm of nutritional healing and energy healing • Foundational Nutritional Factors (Hydration , Protein, Fat and Carbohydrate Digest ion , Fatty Acids, Mineral Balance) • Nutrients required for quantity and quality of nerve and blood supply for growth and development of the cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, and whole organism. • The Germ Layers (the first differentiation of the stem cells) and the importance of maternal nutrition . • Apoptosis and the time required to turn over various organ systems based on normal cellular apoptosis. Hour Three (10:30-11:30) • History of informational healing and muscle response testing within the chiropractic profession and health science in general • Workshop: Attendees measure the bodies energy field (M-field) using modified muscle response testing • Foundational nutrition concepts vs. clinical nutrition concepts • MFT Foundational Nutrition Testing Kit (using the M-field to find Nutritional deficiencies.) • Cellular Construction Project- Providing the raw materials necessary to build a healthy cell • More details regarding each of the six nutritional foundations for the principles of normal apoptosis Hour Four (11:30-12:30) • Demo: Assessing the integrity of the nutritional foundations at the cellular level • Procedure for the use of "Foundations Kit" and reference points. • Workshop: Attendees practice using the M-field to assess Nutritional Foundations. • Common cellular stressors; including processed foods, genetically modified organisms (GMO foods), microbes, food chemicals, scarring, and geopathic stress. • Long term health risks associated with GMO foods • Compare synthetic supplements with organic, whole food nutritional supplements. One Hour Lunch Break (12:30-1:30) Hour Five (1:30-2:30) • Clinical Nutrition Procedure: The Morphogenic Proteins (the use of cellular sarcode and nosode energies to allow the M-field to resonate to identify challenged cell groups) • Discuss the entire procedure to use the M-field to find nutritional, immune and/or toxic cellular stress. • Demo: Dr. Springob will demonstrate the cellular energy aspect of the procedure on a volunteer attendee. • Workshop: Attendees will have the opportunity to perform the cellular energy pro cedure . Hour Six (2:30 -3:30) • The three nutrition-related cellular challenges • Cell question #1: Is there an immune challenge? • Immunity discussion; based upon the theories of Pasteur and Be'champ • Energies of microbes and supporting energies for the immune system • Genetically Modified Foods effect within the gut and on the microbiome • Workshop: Attendees use entire MFT procedure as taught so far Hour Seven (3:30-4:30) • Cell questions #2: Is there a toxicity in the cell due to GMO's, chemicals and heavy metals? • Identifying cellular toxicity • Question #3: Are there any other nutrit
Total Credits12.00
FormatIn person - Live
Course OutlineMorphogenic_ outline.pdf
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