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Chiropractic TeleSeminar Grand ROunds 306

  • Board Restrictions note: Co-sponsored courses may not be eligible for CE in Tennessee; Credit calculations may vary for New Mexico approval
  • Please visit www.ChiroCredit.com and click on the Teleseminar link to see our scheduling of upcoming live Teleseminars. Educational Objectives:•Discuss the role of the history in relationship to the diagnosis of thorax conditions •Outline appropriate clinical information required to support the diagnosis involving thorax conditions •Integrate didactic knowledge with clinical experience in the treatment of thorax conditions •Analyze chiropractic case studies where thorax conditions were a presenting symptom •Differentiate between evidence and non-evidence based evaluation procedures as it pertains to thorax conditions •Demonstrate appropriate test selection in the differential diagnosis of thorax conditions •Explain the significance of test data in relationship to examination information in the treatment of thorax conditions •Generate care plans with quantitative goals for thorax condition patients •Assess treatment options in relationship to case studies for thorax condition patients •Appraise collaborative treatment options in the case management of thorax condition patients •Prescribe care plans combining collaborative and chiropractic treatment for patients with thorax conditions •Illustrate the role of functional care versus palliative intervention in the treatment of thorax condition patients •Produce appropriate treatment plans for each thorax condition case presentations •Apply proper documentation and recording in the care of thorax condition patients •Use new tools in clinical practice for the treatment of thorax condition patients.
    InstructorHorn, DC
    Subject BreakdownDifferential or Physical Diagnosis-3
    Total Credits3.00
    FormatDistance - Live


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