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Acupuncture 100-1: Introduction to Acupuncture

Event date: 9/15/2018 1:00 PM - 9/16/2018 2:00 PM Export event

The program provides doctors, doctoral/professional students and other licensed health care professionals the opportunity to learn the age-old technique of acupuncture in levels of progression. Each level incorporates classroom and laboratory practicum to advance the attendee’s acupuncture knowledge along with their clinical application skills. The first 100 hours offers an overview and basic training in acupuncture theory and techniques. Each program level must be completed in its entirety, along with successful completion of all examinations.

At the completion of the program, the attendee will be able to:
Demonstrate an understating of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theory.
Demonstrate proficiency in identifying and needling common acupuncture points.
Demonstrate proficiency in applying acupuncture and TCM theory to clinical complaints and conditions.
Confidently incorporate acupuncture in the treatment of common and moderately complex clinical conditions.

Acupuncture 100-1:  Introduction to Acupuncture
3.0 Hours: An overview of Chinese Medicine and philosophy, with an emphasis on the origin and basic tenets of acupuncture associated with treating human ailments
3.5 Hours: Five Element Theory, Yin/Yang, Qi, Shen and Ko Cycles, Horary Cycle, Laws of Excess and Deficiency, Pulse Diagnosis, Back Shu (Associated) Points, Mu (Alarm) points
4.0 Hours: Imbalances in nature and the change of seasons and the influences that they have on the human body.
2.0 Hours: Practical demonstration of commonly used acupuncture points and patterns.

InstructorKristine Tohtz, DC, DABCA, MSAc, CACCP
About the InstructorPlease see attached CV
Instructor CVTohtz, Kristine CV.pdf
Subject BreakdownWellness: 12.5 hours
Total Credits12.50
FormatIn person - Live
Course OutlineProgram Outline ACU 100 - IL Updated 2018-2019.pdf
Co-sponsor or PartnerN/A
National University of Health Sciences

National University of Health SciencesNational University of Health Sciences

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