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Consultation, Examination, Diagnosis and Documentation in the practice of Nutrition and Functional Medicine

  • Board Restrictions note: Co-sponsored courses may not be eligible for CE in Tennessee; Credit calculations may vary for New Mexico approval
  • This program is intended to provide participants with postgraduate chiropractic education in the discipline of clinical nutrition and functional medicine as it pertains to the spine and the subluxation complex. It will further expand their knowledge from undergraduate education, chiropractic college course work and experience as a licensed doctor of chiropractic. Consultation, examination, diagnosis, documentation and risk management of patients in a chiropractic practice will be covered.
    InstructorDr. Juanee Surprise
    Subject Breakdowna. 1. Why is the study of nutrition important for chiropractic and the subluxation complex (1 hour) 2. What is functional medicine (1 hour) b. Nutrition and its relation to health (1 hour) c. Trends in the American diet (1 hour) d. Adequacy of the American diet (1 hour) e. Cultural, age and economic factors (1 hour) f. Clinical appraisal of patients (1 hour) g. Psychological evaluation - stress and other questionnaires (1 hour) h. Physical examination of nutrition patient - how it differs from medical and musculoskeletal examination examples shown (3 hours) 1. Laboratory testing (1 hour) j. Information on how to evaluate supplement products (1 hour) k. Risk management issues including the chiropractic nutrition informed consent (1 hour)
    Total Credits14.00
    FormatDistance - On-demand
    Course OutlineIntroduction to Nut Dip Course 1.docx
    Co-sponsor or PartnerN/A
    Texas Chiropractic College

    Texas Chiropractic CollegeTexas Chiropractic College

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