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Accurate Diagnosis of Low Back Pain - Volume 1

This course includes 6 clinical case scenarios of patients presenting with low back pain. You will learn how a targeted clinical evaluation methodology with a problem-solving approach can be used to enhance your diagnostic accuracy and efficiency in practice. This is an online self-paced program, giving you the flexibility to complete your CE requirements, at home, at work or anywhere with an Internet connection. 

Unit 1: Evaluating a patient with L4-L5 disc herniation and L5 nerve root schwannoma

Unit 2: Evaluating a patient with myofascial pain syndrome of the gluteus medius muscle

Unit 3: Evaluating a patient with ankylosing spondylitis

Unit 4: Evaluating a patient with spinal stenosis

Unit 5: Evaluating a patient with piriformis syndrome

Unit 6: Evaluating a patient with L4 nerve root radiculopathy

This is a self-paced program. You can log in and log out as many times as you wish. You will have unlimited online access to the course during its approval period. Do you have some free time between patient appointments? Why not use this time to progress through this CE course!

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InstructorElham Nia, DC
Subject BreakdownPlease see above course description.
Total Credits6.00
FormatDistance - On-demand

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