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Dr. PGA Golf Injuries Seminar: July 14/15 LAS VEGAS- How to identify, Treat and Rehab Golf Injuries


Dr. PGA Golf Injuries Seminar: July 14/15 LAS VEGAS- How to identify, Treat and Rehab Golf Injuries

Event date: 7/14/2018 8:00 AM - 7/15/2018 8:00 AM Export event

Event Location: Las Vegas: Dr. PGA Golf Injuries Seminar: How to identify, Treat and Rehab Golf Injuries


Dr. PGA Golf Injuries Seminar: How to identify, Treat and Rehab Golf Injuries: Is a 12-hr. live CE

MISSION: The mission of DRPGA is to be a leader in the continuing professional development of chiropractors in the field of golf. The DrPGA seminar specializing in equipping chiropractors with golf knowledge to position themselves as the “golf doctor” in their practices and communities. Treating golf injuries and helping golfing patients achieve peak performance is an ever-new set of skills every chiropractor needs to thrive in today’s practice. 

In the U.S. there are almost 30 million golfers, and every one of them a potential chiropractic patient. Because of the unilateral movement in the golf swing, virtually every golfer at some point experiences some form of injury or pain: some chronic, and others acute. Chiropractors provide treatment to a considerable number of these injuries The Chiropractor is required to know how to take a history, perform an examination, make a diagnosis, provide appropriate management strategies, and articulate his/her findings and conclusions to third party payers and attorneys. It is imperative that the managing physician be knowledgeable regarding the types of injuries that result from playing Golf and aware of the complexities involved in rehabilitating. 

Chances are that you have patients who already play golf. This is an advanced Golf Chiropractic Continuing Education course that bridges the gap between the biomechanics of the golf swing and golf injuries.  This is an opportunity for Chiropractors to get cutting-edge golf training, so they could better understand how to prevent and treat golf injuries. The course provides doctors with assessments, diagnosis, treatment, rehab, and exact protocols as used in a PGA Tour. The course is composed of Golf Injury research, Golf Bio mechanics and injury prevention, Golf – specific examination, Golf rehabilitation and peal performance Conditioning Protocols.

The Dr. PGA golf doctor seminar is a 12hr course spread over a 2 day period, that is available for approved Chiropractic Continuing Education across the United States. 


DAY 1 (6 Hours at Dr. PGA Golf Studio: 8am-2pm)


Identify common types of injuries sustained while golfing

Discuss key Golf Injury Statistics

Learn on-course golf injury prevention techniques


GOLF EXAM- 2hrs.

Overview of the Assessment Exam for Golfers

Describe exam tests that identify golf movement patterns problems

Link test results with specific swing fault



Describe each type corrective exercises

Describe Frequency of exercises & patient protocols

Custom generated workout program for patients



Identify the golf specific muscles

Learn the benefits from using a golf condition program

Describe the difference between pre-season and in-season exercises

Learn progression program; Birdie Workout, Par Workout, Eagle Workout


DAY 2 (6 Hours at Las Vegas National Golf Club or TopGolf :8am-2pm ) 



Discuss why posture is important for golfers

Describe the spinal angles used in the golf swing

Learn a spinal setup routine for perfect posture at address



Learn about common golf hand injuries

Describe common hand injury causes, symptoms & treatments

Learn a correct Grip technique for Injury Prevention



Learn the performance benefits in golf from warming up

Identify common stretching myths and incorrect stretching methods

Review an stretching routine that can be used on-course & off-course



Describe energy requirement for playing golf

Understanding pre-game meals and on-course meals

Describe Food Plan for Competition/Play- Super 6 Strategy



Discuss how the golfer’s feet interact with the ground

Describe ground vertical forces, pressure shift, weight shift

Learn several types of common foot traces for golfers



Describe how a swing fault can increase your risk of injury

Learn the 12 most common swing faults in golf

Discuss how to identify each swing flaw and correction

InstructorDr. Raj Jackson, DC, PGA, TPI
About the InstructorDr. Raj Jackson is both Chiropractor and PGA Professional and is a leader in golf injuries education has put together the ultimate golf doctor training program. This course will bridge the gap from the swing to injury that will answer you questions about how to identify & prevent golf injuries. The Dr. PGA course gives you a comprehensive understanding of golf biomechanics and golf specific injuries.
Instructor CV2018-CV-Rajjackson.pdf
Subject BreakdownCommon golf injuries -1hr. Golf exam- 2hrs. Golf rehab – 2hrs Golfers power workout -1hr. Golf posture -1hr Grip injury prevention -1hr. Golfers warmup -1hr. Golf nutrition -1hr. Foot biomechanics in golf -1hr Common swing faults -1hr.
Total Credits12.00
FormatIn person - Live
Course Outline2018-Educational and learning Objectives.pdf
Co-sponsor or Partnernone
  • PACE Provider: Dr. PGA
  • Course ID: 5261


Raj Jackson is a Chiropractor and PGA Golf Professional. He has developed a golf doctor seminar to help doctors treat and prevent golf injuries.

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Dr. PGA Golf Injuries Seminar: July 14/15 LAS VEGAS- How to identify, Treat and Rehab Golf Injuries (7/14/2018 8:00 AM - 7/15/2018 8:00 AM)