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Advanced Kinesiology Taping


Advanced Kinesiology Taping

Event date: 8/11/2018 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM Export event

Become a Certified Kinesiology Taping Practitioner in this hands-on course, and learn everything you need to know to begin offering taping services the next   day.

Upgrade yourself with advanced training from leading experts in movement, performance, and rehabilitation. This hands-on workshop builds on the Kinesiology Taping Practitioner  Certification concepts, combining taping, movement assessment, and corrective exercises for next-level   results.

 Review fascial chain anatomy and function
 Discuss the kinetic chain approach to kinesiology taping
 Apply movement screening techniques for identifying faulty motor patterns
 Compare taping techniques for enhancing faulty motor patterns in breathing, squatting, lunging, stepping, pushing, and rolling movements
 Demonstrate advanced taping strategies for neuromuscular retraining of performance chains
 Combine taping, movement assessment, and corrective exercises to address common sports injuries and enhance athletic performance

InstructorMilica McDowell, MSPT, DPT, ACSM-HFS
Instructor CVMilica McDowell CV.pdf
Subject BreakdownTaping Acute and Subacute Musculoskeletal Conditions (0.5 hour) Fascial Chain Anatomy & Function (0.5 hour) Movement Assessment (0.5 hour) Tape Application, Theory, and Practice (0.5 hour) Performance Back Chain Taping (1.0 hour) Performance Front Chain Taping (1.0 hour) Performance Lateral Chain Taping (1.0 hour) Performance Spiral Lateral Chain Taping (1.0 hour) Performance Arm Chains Taping (1.0 hour) Sports-Specific Taping: Swimming, cycling, running, throwing, and kicking (1.0 hour)
Total Credits8.00
FormatIn person - Live
Course OutlinePTADVTAP Outline.pdf
National University of Health Sciences

National University of Health SciencesNational University of Health Sciences

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