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Chiropractic TeleSeminar Documentation, Ethics and Risk Management 350

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Educational Objectives:

Documentation portion: Hour 1 and 2 Discuss key items related to the OIG reports regarding chiropractic services Discuss Executive Order issued by the White House titled reducing improper payments and eliminating waste in Federal Programs Discuss what triggers an audit and key items to consider if audited Discuss Medicare’s guidelines for necessity of chiropractic care as it relates to covered services, x-ray/diagnostic reimbursements, PQRS, diagnosis coding requirements and Medicare’s appeals process Discuss appropriate use of modifiers Discuss Medicare’s documentation requirements when utilizing Medicare’s ABN (Advanced Beneficiary Notification) form Discuss Medicare’s guidelines for documenting quality measures Discuss the history of PQRS Identify and discuss quality measures 124, 131, 184 and 317 Discuss and differentiate all G-Codes applicable to chiropractic Recognize when and how to report quality measures Discuss standardized reporting tools to document pain and functional assessment Identify how to access PQRS feedback reports Educational Objectives: for Ethics Hour 3 Undertake methods of communication and documentation evidencing that patient provided voluntary and informed consent. Comprehend the relationship between the relevant state scopes of practice and requirements for voluntary and informed patient consent. Discuss issues relating to patient consent, its voluntariness, and the capacity of the patient to consent as a matter of law. Understand the role minority plays in consent, as well as how treatment is both carried out and documented where the patient is a minor. Administer treatment that is wholly compliant with the specifics of the consent provided by the patient or guardian. Develop office systems for obtaining/waiving consent as it relates to patient information and to the administration of treatment. Educational Objectives: for Risk Management Hour 4 Perform a review of marketing materials and initiatives ensuring compliance with relevant state rules, regulations and statutes. Comprehend the limits of "commercial speech" in the arena of professional healthcare marketing and dissemination of information. Develop office systems pertaining to the creation and maintenance of promotional and marketing initiatives and materials that comport with state rules, regulations and statutes. Administer professional marketing such that it neither misleads, confuses nor exploits members of the public. Discuss the restrictions HIPAA places on professional healthcare marketing efforts.
Subject BreakdownDocumentation-2, Ethics-1, Risk Management-1
Total Credits4.00
FormatDistance - Live


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