June 12, 2008

To: PACE Stakeholders
Re: PACE Workshop

During the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards’ 82nd Annual Educational Congress in Atlanta, Georgia, the FCLB hosted a workshop about its Providers of Approved Continuing Education (PACE) program. Led by PACE Committee Chair, Dr. Carol Davis (District I Director, AK), and Review Team member Dr. Lester Lamm (Western States Chiropractic College), the workshop featured lively discussion about the implementation of the PACE program.

“The bottom line is PACE drastically reduces workload redundancy,” said Dr. Davis.
“The purpose of the FCLB is to give boards tools so they don’t need to duplicate each other’s work. PACE is one of those tools.”

Workshop attendees included regulatory board members as well as educators. Questions were so numerous, Drs. Davis and Lamm quickly did away with the planned presentation in favor of informal discussion. “Why wouldn’t you use PACE?” asked Dr. Lamm.
“Once this program hits its critical threshold, the savings in time and money will be tremendous.”

Board members expressed concerns about handing over board authority to the PACE program. Dr. Davis assured attendees that, in fact, they legally cannot give away their authority, nor is PACE designed for them to do so. Instead, PACE functions as a sort of outsourcing for research and expertise, similar to the way many boards rely on the FBI for fingerprinting and background checks.

Other concerns came from the educators and included the time and resources involved in applying for PACE Recognition. “It’s rigorous,” admitted Dr. Lamm. “But it’s still faster than filling out 50 unique board applications for every single course you want to offer.” Because every application for PACE Recognition is reviewed by experts in post-graduate chiropractic education, applicants often receive useful feedback and insight into their own programs.

Dr. Lamm represents just one of the three currently Recognized Providers. With three more in the application process and 22 boards accepting PACE, the program is already well on its way to streamlining CE approval for its stakeholders.

For more information, to download the PACE governing documents, or to browse the online application, visit