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PACE and the FCLB's Mission

  • To Protect the Public:
    • Promotes quality CE
    • Helps D.C.s connect with scientifically sound, reliable education
    • Effective CE helps D.C.s remain current 

  • To Serve Our Member Boards:
    • Reduces onerous paperwork and review processes
    • Provides reliable reports on relicensure requirement fulfillment

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Benefits of PACE

CE Providers Regulatory Boards Practicing D.C.s
  • Single, simplified application process
  • Uniform criteria for approval
  • Automatic course approval
  • Professional credibility 
  • Economies of scale
  • Informed, professional evaluation
  • Automatic credit reporting
  • Simplified CE approval process
  • Automatic attendance verification
  • Easy course searching
  • Simplified course assessment
  • Affirmation of QUALITY!
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