Friday, August 22, 2014


The PACE Record Keeping fee requirement has changed!

Report ONLY the records you want.  You no longer need to report attendees outside of PACE jurisdictions.

Check out the PACE Fees now.

PACE and the FCLB's Mission

  • To Protect the Public:
    • Promotes quality CE
    • Helps D.C.s connect with scientifically sound, reliable education
    • Effective CE helps D.C.s remain current 

  • To Serve Our Member Boards:
    • Reduces onerous paperwork and review processes
    • Provides reliable reports on relicensure requirement fulfillment

Learn more - view the PACE Overview PowerPoint Presentation.


Benefits of PACE

CE Providers Regulatory Boards Practicing D.C.s
  • Single, simplified application process
  • Uniform criteria for approval
  • Automatic course approval
  • Professional credibility 
  • Economies of scale
  • Informed, professional evaluation
  • Automatic credit reporting
  • Simplified CE approval process
  • Automatic attendance verification
  • Easy course searching
  • Simplified course assessment
  • Affirmation of QUALITY!
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